Wormcast is fertiliser as nature intended. Wormcast is one of nature’s own organic fertilisers and soil conditioners. Here at the Wormcast Company we keep millions of earthworms in gainful employment.
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Here at The Wormcast Company we keep billions of earthworms in gainful employment. Using their unique digestive process they munch their way through nutritious organic materials to bring you Wormcast, an environmentally friendly, odour free, organic product that is fertiliser as nature intended.
For a creature without any form of skeletal structure or hardened shell they are still one of nature's great survivors. In their time they have caught the imagination of some pretty impressive names, Cleopatra, who deigned to have them recognised as sacred creatures, Darwin, who charted and catalogued the progress of the species and, of course those who wield true power in the world today.... that's right TV gardeners. It's true to say that these insignificant invertebrates produce the very fertiliser that your plants and vegetables would choose given a choice. After all it's their fellow soil habitants that make it! Also visit our blog.
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WORMCAST is a fertiliser as nature intended. It is one of nature's own organic fertilisers, soil conditioners. At the Wormcast company do not manufacture Wormcast. We employ a crew of billions of earthworms who use their unique digestive process to munch their way through nutritious organic material to bring you WORMCAST an environmentally friendly odour free, totally organic fertiliser, soil conditioner and plant growth promoter.