The Wormcast Company
is an innovative organisation committed to the provision of environmentally friendly products for both domestic and commercial use.
The company was formed by Stephen Muggleton, a keen horseman and Brian Williams a lifelong farmer, both of whom have an interest in green issues and wanted to develop this interest into their working lives.Their investigations led them to the breeding of earthworms and the management of biodegradable materials. Today Stephen and Brian are assisted by a team of marketing, sales and administrative staff who, with their different disciplines, between them, bring years of experience in looking after customers, ensuring that you obtain the best
possible service.
The real stars of our show however, exist backstage in their millions,
always working, always performing
- our earthworms.
A network of over 85 earthworm breeding sites throughout the UK serves to ensure that supplies of worms are always available for the processing of the organic material which makes 'Wormcast'. This network allows a guaranteed supply of what we believe to be the finest organic fertiliser you could possibly use - 'Wormcast'.

Whether you are a domestic gardener, horticulturist or agriculturist 'The Wormcast Company' can provide you or your business with 'fertiliser as nature intended'. It's probably one of the most ecologically sound products you can buy, and one that has been around for millions of years.

Please take the time to read all about us- you'll learn a great deal about the humble earthworm and how 'The Wormcast Company' have utilised one of nature's greatest and yet under used resources.

Support your local earthworm,
they are hardworking, honest
and 100% green...