WORMCAST is a fertiliser as nature intended. It is one of nature’s own organic fertilisers & soil conditioners. We do not manufacture Wormcast. We ’employ’ a ‘crew’ of billions of earthworms who use their unique digestive process to munch their way through nutritious organic material to bring you WORMCAST an environmentally friendly odour free, totally organic fertiliser, soil conditioner and plant growth promoter.


Wormcast is non toxic so there is no need to exclude children or animals from the garden.

Wormcast is odour free. It does not have a ‘manure’ odour. It simply smells like rich, healthy soil.

Wormcast is highly versatile and is suitable for use indoors or outdoors.

Use WORMCAST indoors and outdoors for flowers, fruit, vegetables, shrubs, lawns, trees, hedges and all plant growth.


WORMCAST is packed with natural goodness providing premium nutrition for all garden growth.

WORMCAST supports and maintains soil health.

WORMCAST increases the activity of naturally occurring micro-organisms, beneficial enzymes and natural plant growth regulators in the soil. Put simply, garden soil has many of the minerals that plants need. The addition of WORMCAST to the soil means that plants have more kinds of nutrients available to them in forms to aid their germination and growth and to stimulate fruit, vegetable and flower production.

Extensive testing with WORMCAST has been performed by the Ohio State University in the USA. These tests have shown improved flower size, bloom quantity, quality, and colors. Fruit and vegetable tests experiments have resulted iin increased yields of up to 40% as well as improvements in taste and appearance.

Use a handful of WORMCAST when planting out your new shrubs and trees to protect your plant investments and help them to thrive.


When we buy container grown plants from nurseries or garden centres we don't often think about how the plant feels about being moved. The truth is that these plants can find the sudden move a somewhat traumatic experience. They are used to regular feeding and watering and the move and transplanting into your garden soil may mean the plants can suffer or even die.

WORMCAST is superb at retaining moisture which helps to lessen your requirement for watering.

From the largest biggest tree, the biggest lawn to the smallest plant, WORMCAST will help to revive and revitalise, restoring health and appearance.

WORMCAST is a clean, odour -free, fine-textured organic fertiliser. It is rich in available nitrogen, phosphate, potash, magnesium, calcium and other trace elements.

This rich source of nutrients also improves the germination and initial growth of seedlings and cuttings and encourage strong and sustained blooms